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Old 03-01-2010, 11:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Play The Man View Post

...and the British Government Trembled as the House of Commons shook

Nice idea...but a rush job...two days notice?? Brighton?? didnt make any difference...you need to think bigger...and you need to get national coverage, preferably ALL the major newspapers...The Sun, The Mail, The Mirror, The Guardian, The Times, The Express, The Telegraph. You effectively, want tea parties running in different areas of the country at the same time....your venues should be massive...Harrogate International Conference Centre, Cliffords Tower of York, The West Yorkshire Playhouse of Leeds, Centenary Square Bradford, The Market Place in Ripon, Lincoln Castle, Hyde Park London, The Greenwhich Peninsualar and O2 Arena, Manchester Evening News Arena, The National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, The Sheffield Indoor Arena...get the Cathedrals and Churches involved, they have Seats in the House of Lords, get the Universities involved.

...and get yourself Sponcered by Tetley or Typhoo for goodness sake.

THAT will get Gordons attention...not 300 people squashed into some obscure hotel in the gay capital of Britian.

...not to be mean..I'm just saying

If I could ever by bothered, I'd be bloody dangerous
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Old 03-03-2010, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
so I'm quite annoyed at this.

The Government has told me that inorder to pay back Student Loan fees, I have to earn 15,000 GBP a year. Before Tax.

Now I earn 11.000 GBP. Before Tax

so when I got my one of Bonus Payment which is the first time I've qualified for a yearly bonus period, in four whole years. I discovered the amount was 316 GBP. Before Tax.

Fantastic I thought, Tax will be as normal. But because its a bonus they decide to charge us extra. So off goes 34 GBP to a state pension I might never get, and off goes 63 GBP on Income Tax. Fair enough I thought.

Then I discover that I've actually been Taxed 111 GBP, so I'm wondering where its gone, that extra 14 GBP, and to my horror, it says Student Loan.

So I'm wondering how the Government can make the mistake of thinking that 11, 000 GBP plus 316 GBP equates to Plus 15, 000 GBP...when obviously its not even close.

So I phone the tax office, and they keep me on hold for twenty mins, and finally put me through to what sounds like a call centre in India. I explain my problem, and the guy tells me...oh no i've missunderstood. Student Loans are payable for those who earn 15,000 GBP a year


over the 1, 100 mark per month, even if its only one single month you happen to fall into that ammount of money

So I said to him

"does that mean you wont give me my fifteen pounds back, not even at the end of the tax year, because I was thinking this had to be a mistake"

and he said

"Unfortunately this is not an error, it was quite deliberate"

Please Guys can you tutor me on how to gain my own independance so I dont need to pay taxes anymore, because this is ****ing tyranny

So what percentage of it went to taxes? Just from this I would guess it to be pretty high.
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