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Chris F
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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
This is true. Armageddon is actually a reference to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which will usher in His 1000-year reign on the earth. So, even if we live to see Armageddon, we won't see the end of the world in this lifetime.
I do not think the world will end in a literal since. When it speaks of a New heaven and New Earth the Greek word John used was the word used for renewal not so but a new beginning. So we will get a renewed heaven and renewed earth, not a new one all together. So I am not convinced the bible teaches there will be an end to this world. Mass destruction you bet, but not an utter termination.
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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
The Ancient Jews of the Torah believed in Numerology. thats why their language holds a numerical value for each letter of the alphabet, and why there are multiple meanings of the Torah depending on the level of numerical depth you decide to invest in exploring.

Just because you dont believe it, doesnt mean it doesnt exist...the Ancient Jews definately believed it, and Paul doesnt really talk about Jewish things, because his audience is to the non jews...as a Pharasee, he would have indepth knowledge of Numerology used in the Torah as standard
That is called gematria and both the greek language and hewbrew langauge had numerical values for a word or phrase. It is thought that in revelation, when John talked about the number of the beast 666, the only way to interpret that correctly is in light gematria. To the 1 century readers it would have meant more than to us today. As it seems to only confuse us in this time.
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