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Old 02-08-2010, 05:07 PM
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Default Pets you've had

you all go first, because I have had quite a few!
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Old 02-11-2010, 01:00 AM
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well this thread went down like a fart in church didnt it
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Old 02-11-2010, 02:12 AM
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UGH I HATE that expression! That's disgusting! But funny in a way!

okay, I'll be first........

I have had a Rottie who passed away about 4 years ago. The best dog ever.

Then I had and still have Max the Terrible.....an incorrigble little Carin Terrier.
Worst dog in the World.

Now I have Titus, a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) and current Best Dog in the World.

And my daughter has Peanutello. A Teddy Bear Hamster. Best hamster in the world.

I hope to own a dwarf goat soon. And some chickens.

That's it.

The end.

* Cue Dave!*
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Old 02-12-2010, 12:10 AM
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Well in my life time I have seen Four cats, three hamsters, three Guineapigs, two chinchilars, two goldfish, a tank of tropical fish, and a Budgie

When I was really young, my Mother had two cats called Skunk and Tigger. They were both squashed on the main road (called Newark Road) where I was born, and they died within the first five years of my life.

After that, and after the last of my siblings were born, my Parents adopted a stray from the RSPCA we named Apple, because she played in our apple trees night after night as a kitten. She lived for 19 years. Eventually she got sick with liver and kidney issues, and she was put on steroids until she eventually has to be put down.

Now in Harrogate my family decided to adopt another stray from a kattery, she had been in a cold wire cage across the winter, and had previously been abused by her owner so badly that we think her back legs have been broken and not set properly. she doesnt walk or move right.

Whilst in Lincoln I bought myself a Hamster called Moto, who was a little dark thing, very loving. We dont really know why Moto died, one day he just wouldnt wake up, he died in his sleep, but he was less then a full year old.

So I bought another Hamster who I named Terri. Terri was a white albino with red eyes, and he was absolutely vicious. He nearly bit my mothers finger off. He couldnt be handled. He died of a prolapse eventually.

So My Grandparents bought me my final hamster, who was a fluffy long hair and I called it cusion...like as in pin-cusion This Hamster died of natural causes.

Once dead I invested in a tank and filled it with mollies and neon tetras. When we realized we were moving to Harrogate we stopped replenishing the fish and the tank was emptied and never refilled. it broke in transit to Yorkshire.

While in Lincoln a friend of our families from Church had a pair of chinchilas and could no longer look after them, and so we inherited them. A male called Roland and a Female called Samantha, who had mated for life and soon began to have babies which we sold or gave away. Then one day Roland died of heart failure. A week later Samantha died. she gave up the will to live and pined away by sitting in her sandbox and refusing food or drink.

Once in Harrogate after University and my time in London. I invested in an illegal pet guinea pig. (I wasnt at this point allowed to have pets.) I called him Franklin after the fighter Rich Franklin. Franklin was extremely small for a guineapig and he got sick a lot, so I took him to the vets, who said that he was the runt of the litter. Eventually he had growth issues and his back legs and rear end bagan to sieze up and he died.

A year later when the guy downstairs moved in with pets, I got the clause in my contract changed, and I got two male Guineapigs together. one was a long haired tortershell who I named Sherk, and a short haired pig which I named Lauzon. Sherk had a stroke but Lauzon survives to this day.

Last year Accepting the Doctrine of Intrinsic Value, I bought a Budgie to remind me of that fact and called him Jens. I also bought two goldfish one called Jess and one called Robbie, and I gave them to my Sister Rosy and her soon to be Husband, who now refer to them as "the Kids"
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Old 02-12-2010, 12:33 AM
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Brownie: our first dog which was just a mutt (we think he had some border collie in him) we got around 1981 or 82. He ran away and was hit by a car and had to be put down.

Daisy: she kind of just wandered into our yard and never left, so we kept her until we discovered that she was half pit bull and rhodesian ridgeback, and she attacked our other dog (see next entry) and my brother. So we had the dog catcher come and take her away.

Nuisance: half welsh corgi, half something else. She was a super cute little dog until she got off her chain and ran out into traffic and was run over.

Ra'ah: half poodle, half Australian shepherd. We got her from the dog catcher around 1983, who was a friend of my dad's. She was one of the best dogs we ever owned. But she died of old age and a heart murmur in 1990.

Boots #1: this was half black lab and half something else that was really big. As a puppy this dog could do some damage. We got her around the same time we got Ra'ah, but when we moved from Belen, NM to Santa Fe, NM in 1984, we had to leave her with a different owner. Mainly because the new house we were moving into only allowed one dog. Fortunately, we were able to find a ranch owner from our church was gave Boots a good home and plenty of space to run around in.

Boots #2: When I got out of basic training my parents moved into a new house in Alamogordo, NM and the owners left a small half-toy poodle, half chihuahua behind. She had a abscess in her eye that they told us, if we could have it removed, we could keep her. Otherwise they were just going to put her to sleep. So my parents did that and they kept her from 1991 until around 1996 when she died of old age. She was an awesome dog.

Sandy: Half chow, half coyote. Another one of the best dogs we have ever owned. We got her from the dog pound in 1997 and my parent still have her now.

Other animals:
We had gerbils on and off as we were kids. My brother and I probably raised three generations of them from 1984 through 1989.

During high school, I owned a mouse for a while, then a couple of different kinds of spiders. I didn't keep them for long though. I also tried owning a king snake when I was in the Army, but I've definitely learned that I'm a mammal guy.
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Old 02-12-2010, 01:11 AM
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so many cats that i can't even count them all over the years.

Dogs, random order:
toy poodle
alaskan malamute
golden retriever
cocker spaniel
blue heeler

lots of fish


tons of rabbits: holland lops, californians, checkered giants

iguana...kinda wierd...didn't keep it long! hahahaha

different kinds of birds:
love birds...golden retriever loved it, but gave her the runs in the end!

zebra finch
strawberry finch
some type of blue finch...cat thought it was delicious
some type of yellow finch...cat thought it was also tasty
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Old 02-12-2010, 03:35 AM
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We had some fish when I was 3 or 4, but I thought they needed a bath, and let's just say that the dial soap didn't set well with them...
Our 1st dog was a black cockier spaniel named Gypsy. My sister's kindergarten bus ran over her.
2 gerbils named Elisabeth and Rebecca
We had too many dogs over the years to remember, but some of the ones that stick out are:
A mixed breed I had named Fluffy. I drew a picture of him and me when I was in the 5th grade and won an art contest for the whole MS Gulf Coast.
An albino German Sheppard named Snowball
A yellow lab named Yeller, lol
My sister had a black cat named Midnight. Did I mention that I hate cats? They make great footballs.....
A grey cat named Smokey. I gave him to my Grandmother, so he escaped the torture, lol.
My best dog, a black mouthed cur named Buck. He was hit by a truck when I was in the Navy. My mom said that after I left for bootcamp he used to lay by the door to my room waiting for me to come out.
A great dane named Sampson
A chocolate lab named Buddy
A dachshund (sp) named Belle. A rattlesnake bit her and she died.
We still have Molly, who is a fiest.
Our new puppy is Angel, who is the offspring of Molly and a black lab (figure that one out, lol), although Angel is white. She looks just like a lab, though.
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Old 02-12-2010, 03:37 AM
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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Sandy: Half chow, half coyote. Another one of the best dogs we have ever owned. We got her from the dog pound in 1997 and my parent still have her now.


My buddy had a chow (with a purple tongue) and it was one of the nicest dogs ever. I think it was a wanderer too.
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
-Mark Twain

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a little off topic but....so what. lol

I had a friend once who had a wolf as a pet. Terrible. Terrible idea. He had her about 2 years and then he got married and his wife got pregnant. Fast forward 5 years, he has two small children in the house that can't go in the fenced in back yard without an adult. Even though he has her in a 6 X 8 cage, she has gotten out before. And she (the wolf) paces back and forth, salvating with her head lowered and snarling. She hates being caged up. What kind of life is that for kids or the wolf?

People are crazy.
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Old 02-12-2010, 03:51 AM
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After reading the different things that happened to people's dogs, I've had this image in my mind:

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