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Default How many?

Okay...I discovered a little factoid today which I want clarification on from someone who knows the Old Testament well. In particular Prophets.

Here is my problem. Its Isaiah His book goes on for a very, VERY long time...and he writes about things which happen a long time apart. There are three possibilities

Number one Isaiah lived for an incredible 500 years, he lived before the Exhile in which he prophesized about it. He remained in Israel during the Exhile and Prophesized about that two, and then he Propheszied about the Restoration.

Number two Isaiah, lived a normal lifespan for that era (we are post flood, people no longer live for centuries) but he prophesized from a time before the Exhile...not only about the Exhile...but also about the Restoration...thus presenting almost 500 years of History to Israel at a time when the Temple had not even been attacked...and he was talking about its rebuilding.

Number three...Isaiah is a composite of three different Prophets, all from the same School (not unlike the school of Elijah) Where a Prophet would have a stable, in exactly the same way an MMA Camp runs today. What you see are three different Prophets from the same School, THE Isaiah writes before the Exhile...at the time of the Exhile, a second Isaiah is writing, and at the time of the Restoration, a third from the same school of Prophecy.

Now...I didnt know that Prophets worked like that. But apparently, it was quite common for A major Prophet to have a stable of people who would work with him, who he would teach...in the same way Da Vinci would start a painting...and then get his apprentice to try and finish it. I go back to Elijah and his Assumption...the school was gathered on the bank of a River...I think Jordan, and Elijah struck the water, or something with his stick, dropped his cloak down and he and Ilisha crossed the river. Then Elijah was assumpted...leaving Ilisha on one bank, and the school on the other...and how did he get back? He copied what Elijah had done! He took the cloak struck the water and then he was able to cross...and everyone said something about the Spirit of Elijah being on Ilisha...as if the gift of Prophecy was some kinda Prophetic Succession. I had never heard any of this before tonight

Can anyone who knows about what Prophets did in the ancient Hebrew world help me to understand? is it likely there were three prophets from the same school that wrote the Prophecy of Isaiah as a Composite? Does anyone know much about these Schools of Prophecy??
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