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Default Does the Gospel Effect Animals

I know that the offer of Salvation is only made to those made in the image of GOD...but Animals are still part of His Creation...and they still mean something to GOD for he tells us to look after His Creation, and he mentions that he is aware and provides for Animals when he deals with fundemental basics like the desire to worry, or the principle of intrinsic value

The reason I ask is that I have taken to following as Play The Man suggested, the Bible in a Year thing that he posted not so long ago. I have also taken to listening to it aswell as reading it...there is a button that you can press and a voice reads out what is written

It has had a profound effect on my Budgie

Now I can play all sorts of things and get various responses. If I speak a lot Jens is likely to sing because he recognises the sound of my voice. If I play certain types of music he is likely to sing or to tweet a bit if he hears noises within the music he considers Bird calls. That apparently seems to be auditory excitement.

Visual excitement manifests itself quite differently. If Jens sees something he doesnt like he is likely to flap his wings ferociously. He might also make a nasty rasping sound, which he does when he doesnt know how else to empathise that he wants to express something he feels important. When he sees or interacts with something he likes, he bobs and weaves.

What I have never seen him do...is react physically like bobbing and weaving to a purely auditory stimulas...for example...a loud voice reading out the psalms...he does the whole lot...and when I turn the sound off. He Stops.

How much power exactly do we think might be given off by speaking the Word. Could it excite near by created beings with too limited an understanding to know anything about The Word at all
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Tyburn, I am so happy that you found that link useful.

C.S. Lewis tried to address some of these issues in his books. Here is a link to an article from the Anglican Theological Review entitled "C.S. Lewis's Theology Of Animals". http://findarticles.com/p/articles/m...g=content;col1
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We normally pray before we eat 'em!!

Does that count?