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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Yeah, I didn't like seeing that part live 'cause my dinner, lunch,breakfast & most of my GI tract almost ended up next to your voice box.

My favorite moment is actually all the way back in UFC 26 when he fought Marcelo Aguiar. He's got Aguiar on his back, mashed up against the cage, right in front of Jeremy & all the rest of the guys in his corner. On the PPV, you can clearly hear them very calmly & matter of factly giving him directions and advice & then a split second later, you'll see Matt enact it. My favorite bit is when you hear Jeremy say "Hold onto his left wrist with your right hand & then throw the right elbow without letting go of his wrist." 2sec later, *clamp* goes the hand on the wrist, *slam* goes the elbow into the into the forehead, *squirt* goes the blood, "TIME!" goes the ref & then "He's done" goes the doc!

I dunno why, but I just love clearly hearing the great coaching & then being able to watch Matt employ it so perfectly & terribly effectively in the cage. It's awesome.

I kid you not, I was watching that fight a couple of days ago and thought about posting something on it LOL.
I would have to say the Trigg 2 slam takes the cake. I also like the superman punch he did against Hayato Sakurai.
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