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The news broke at the UFC Fight Night 17 event last Saturday that a rule change had been made in regards to corner men applying Vaseline to their fighters in between rounds, and that only cut men assigned by the promotion would be allowed to do so going forward.

While the rule change for Florida was correct, UFC vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner spoke to MMAWeekly.com on Tuesday to clarify a few misconceptions about the rule change.

"It's not the UFC, it's the commission that will decide exactly what can be done," Ratner said in an exclusive interview. "Some of that stuff will be brought up at the ABC meetings with all the commissions, but there has been no official UFC policy."

Ratner went onto say that each commission will have the final say in what is or is not allowed to happen during an event when it comes to rules for the corner men and cut men involved in the fight.

"We're going to leave it up to each commission, obviously. We're going to be very vigilant and we're going to let all the fighters know what we expect, which we've always done. So nothing really has changed," he said. "The Nevada commission, they'll do whatever disciplinary action or hearings they want, and we want a level playing field, it's as simple as that."

The upcoming UFC 95 event in London will come directly under the direction of Ratner himself, who serves as the lead in overseeing the regulations for the UFC in England, as the country currently has no official governing body over mixed martial arts.

"England, we'll talk to all the corner people and explain to them the rules and we'll make sure that it will not happen again," Ratner commented. "I'll be very vigilant there."

Ultimately, when asked if the decision lies in the hands of the athletic commissions in the sanctioned states in the U.S. as to how they deal with the corners and cut men, Ratner replied, "that's correct."

The UFC will hold their next event in the United States on March 7 in Columbus under the regulation and sanctioning of the state of Ohio. There is no word yet on what ruling they will use in regards to this situation.
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