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View Poll Results: Who's at fault for the sale of the car?
Stupid woman 6 31.58%
Jerk dealership 13 68.42%
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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Given the woman's age, I'm thinking the dealership might at least be somewhat to blame here. We'd have to know the woman's state of mind to get a better feel for it. If it was my grandmother (82) I'd blame the dealership because grandma ain't all there anymore. I'm surprised they still let her drive.
TOTALLY agree with you! People def take advantage of the elderly makes me sad.... I cherish my time with my "Pop" & I miss my grandma...
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Old 12-03-2009, 07:30 AM
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Sometimes the Elderly are easily taken advantage of! My Dad for example is more likely to give in than he used to be. He gets worried over things when used to be he'd tell someone to get lost! For example years ago before I was born he had some bill collectors come on his job site and hassle him over some bill's an ex run up. Back then he laid the law down to them and run them off! Nowadays he would be to feeble both physically and mentally to do that! Used to be he knew he was right and if someone didn't like it to bad. But now he thinks he needs to please everybody!
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