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Default The Queen Can be Assertive

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret were Sisters. Elizabeth was well mannered, Princess Margaret was...erm, not afraid to be slightly naughty, enjoy parties a little too much etc.

Then The King died.

Elizabeth rushed home from a Royal Tour very young to become Queen.

Margaret was left in the palace as Elizabeth was overwhelmed with duty. Margaret got to know Mr Townsend, a Royal Servant, only thirty-seven, a married Royal Servant who lived on site. He had been a chaperone of sorts to both of the Princesses...but now with Elizabeth busy...it was just Margaret.

As Elizabeth, who moved ever closer to her coronation and taking upon the Title of Defender of The Faith (a role she, to this day, takes extremely seriously indeed) Her Sister, Princess Margaret was getting...a little...too friendly with Mr Townsend.

Mr Townsends wife filed for devorce. Meanwhile Princess Margaret kept up life in the city with her parties. Margaret tells the Queen that Not only is Mr Townsend going to be devorced, but...that he had asked her to marry him, and she had already said yes.


The Royals are NOT permitted to marry anyone who has been Devorced, neither are they permitted to marry a Roman Catholic. Elizabeth was Defender of the Faith...so SHE was landed in a very awkward situation. Already during the century, one of the Royals (a King) had abdicated to marry a devorced woman instead.

but Townsend and Margaret refused to listen to the Queens private warnings, the parties and the intamacy continued. With two months to the coronation, the Queen asks the Princess to keep her mouth shut until after the coronation and the tour of the commonwealth. Then, she may go public and the Queen would be asked for her Blessing so to speak.

Margaret agreed.

Margaret of course played no part in the Coronation...that was until she did something she shouldnt have done. During the Coronation that was broadcast on live TV, Princess margaret was seen brushing a piece of fluff off Mr Townsends well pressed uniform. The Press got the hint.

Condemnation and Horror, from the Commonwealth, from The Church, from The Press flooded in.

The Queen had no choice but to authorise the "banishment" of Mr Townsend. That is to say, he was quickly reposted somewhere else where he and Margaret couldnt be in close contact. After all, Margaret was supposed to go to Rhodesia with Mr Townsend on tour! But The Queen promised to wait until the Rhodesia tour was completed...so that Margaret could say goodbye to Townsend. But the press caught word, and the Queen had to send him to Europe before Margaret came home. When she heard of it. she went down with "diplomatic flue" and pulled out of the tour half way through. but it was too late to say goodbye.
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Old 11-29-2009, 11:01 PM
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Margaret was supposed to go back to the duty of being a Royal...but...they wrote to each other every single day...they even had a secret meeting within the year after Townsend was banished.

Effectively. Margaret would have to give up succession of the throne, and a royal income. that was until Winston Churchill resigned as Prime Minister...and the new Prime Minister was the first Devorcee to take up the post.

Margaret of course started writing to the Prime Minister to see if she could gain an allied force.

Margaret became twenty five, an age in which she now had legal right to decide who she wanted to marry. The Prime Minister found a loop hole in the law and told her, IF she married she would lose the right to the throne, but that would be it. She could remain a Royal, remain in residence, remain with pay etc.

Margaret still sought Elizabeths approval and blessing for the marriage, as Mr Townsend returned from Europe on leave. Independantly of the Queen, Parliament drew up an offical announcement for the engagement.

Then Elizabeth called Margaret for a private meeting

Elizabeth would not give her consent, nor her blessing.

Princess Margaret made an announcement to the world saying that she had decided not to get married to Mr Townsend, that she was a Protestant Christian, that she was a Royal, who had a duty to the country.

The Queen Doesnt issue commands. She exercises power by giving...or not giving...her Blessing.

Margaret eventually married a Photographer.
It didnt work out.
They devorced.

Margaret had a set of strokes and died the same year as her Mother. 2002.
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