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Default Cage Potato Tribute: The Leg Kick


Leg kicks may not seem impressive to everybody, particularly certain MMA judges whose names rhyme with Schmecil Feeples, but as anyone who has ever been hit with a good one knows, they really, really hurt. Sometimes they hurt so much that you want to quit fighting. Other times they hurt so much that you have to quit fighting. Still other times they just gradually chip away at you until you're a fraction of the man you were when you entered the cage. Leg kicks are not only an effective weapon that deserves to be scored with some respect for their cringe-inducing power, they can also end a fight. They have ended fights, in fact, and probably will end a few more before this grand MMA experiment draws to a close.

And so, as a tribute to the power and majesty of the leg kick, we offer the following. Take note, Cecil.

Good writeup, some good videos too.
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Originally Posted by atomdanger View Post
Good writeup, some good videos too.
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Schmecil Feeples
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