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Old 10-29-2009, 06:29 AM
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Default BLOG: UFC 104

From Matt's blog:

Sorry about the super late blog, I've been doing some traveling and am actually driving back from Ohio right now and calling the blog in.

I've been in Ohio visiting a friend of mine, Joe Betar. He is the president of Texas Trophy Hunters Association (of which I am a life member). I met Joe on a hunt almost exactly a year ago and we've been good friends ever since. One of the things I like most about the hunting industry is that there is just a lot of good people out there.

Well, I didn't see UFC 104, but I did hear that it was a super close fight between Machida and Shogun and a lot of people believe that Machida actually lost the fight. As soon as I get a chance to view it, I'm going to sit down, go through it round by round, like a judge should, and tell you what I think.

Last Sunday, I flew out to New York for a Mixed Martial Arts Expo. I met up with Boomer in New York. Boomer is one of the moderators on my forums and has become one of my good friends. He also knows how to tell a pretty good story so I'm going to let him tell you about this weekend. You would rather read it from him anyway as he pays very close attention to detail:

I got this email and I'm not sure if this was actually a sermon, but it a very interesting story and has a lot of truth in the message:


I would like to shake the hand of the preacher of this predominantly black church in Virginia. This guy is obviously a leader and not one of the sheep.
Perhaps we should each decide who our real leader is.

It is amazing to see that very little has changed in 4,000 years.


Good morning, brothers and sisters; it's always a delight to see the pews crowded on Sunday morning, and so eager to get into GOD's Word.
Turn with me in your BIBLES, if you will to the 47th chapter of Genesis, we'll begin our reading at verse 13, and go through verse 27.

Brother Ray, would you stand and read that great passage for us?


Thank you for that fine reading, Brother Ray..... So we see that economic hard times fell upon Egypt , and the people turned to the government of Pharaoh to deal with this for them. And Pharaoh nationalized the grain harvest, and placed the grain in great storehouses that he had built. So the people brought their money to Pharaoh, like a great tax increase, and gave it all to him willingly in return for grain. And this went on until their money ran out, and they were hungry again.

So when they went to Pharaoh after that, they brought their livestock - their cattle, their horses, their sheep, and their donkey - to barter for grain, and verse 17 says that only took them through the end of that year... But the famine wasn't over, was it?

So the next year, the people came before Pharaoh and admitted they had nothing left, except their land and their own lives. "There is nothing left in the sight of my lord but our bodies and our land. Why should we die before your eyes, both we and our land? Buy us and our land for food, and we with our land will be servants to Pharaoh." So they surrendered their homes, their land, and their real estate to Pharaoh's government, and then sold themselves into slavery to him, in return for grain. What can we learn from this, brothers and sisters?

That turning to the government instead of to GOD to be our provider in hard times only leads to slavery? Yes. That the only reason government wants to be our provider is to also become our master? Yes.

But look how that passage ends, brothers and sisters! Thus Israel settled in the land of Egypt, in the land of Goshen. And they gained possessions in it, and were fruitful and multiplied greatly." GOD provided for HIS people, just as he always has! They didn't end up giving all their possessions to government, no, it says they gained possessions!

But I also tell you a great truth today, and an ominous one. We see the same thing happening today - the government today wants to "share the wealth "once again, to take it from us and redistribute it back to us. It wants to take control of healthcare, just as it has taken control of education, and ration it back to us, and when government rations it, then government decides who gets it, and how much, and what kind. And if we go along with it, and do it willingly, then we will wind up no differently than the people of Egypt did four thousand years ago - as slaves to the government, and as slaves to our leaders.

What Mr. Obama's government is doing now is no different from what Pharaoh's government did then, and it will end the same. And a lot of people like to call Mr. Obama a "Messiah," don't they? Is he a Messiah? A savior? Didn't the Egyptians say, after Pharaoh made them his slaves, "You have saved our lives; may it please my lord, we will be servants to Pharaoh"?

Well, I tell you this - I know the Messiah; the Messiah is a friend of mine; and Mr. Obama is no Messiah! No, brothers and sisters, if Mr. Obama is a character from the Bible, then he is Pharaoh.

Bow with me in Prayer, if you will.

LORD, YOU alone are worthy to be served, and we rely on YOU, and YOU alone. We confess that the government is not our deliverer, and never rightly will be.

We read in the eighth chapter of 1 Samuel, when Samuel warned the people of what a ruler would do, where it says "And in that day you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the LORD will not answer you in that day." And LORD, we acknowledge that day has come. We cry out to YOU because of the ruler that we have chosen for ourselves as a Nation. LORD, we Pray for this Nation. We Pray for revival, and we Pray for deliverance from those who would be our masters. Give us hearts to seek YOU and hands to serve YOU, and protect YOUR people from the atrocities of Pharaoh's government.
This weekend is Halloween and I always like to read about the origins of our holidays. I did some reading on the origins of Halloween (I was mainly just interested in our American customs like dressing up and "trick or treating") and found this website pretty interesting: HalloweenHistory.org

Here's the Bible verse for this week:
Be not afraid nor dismayed because of the great multitude, because the battle is not your, but God's. (2 Chronicles 20:25)
Until next week. -matt
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Well, I didn't see UFC 104, but I did hear that it was a super close fight between Machida and Shogun and a lot of people believe that Machida actually lost the fight. As soon as I get a chance to view it, I'm going to sit down, go through it round by round, like a judge should, and tell you what I think.

If you need me to do your work while you do it let me know.
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Old 10-29-2009, 12:30 PM
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Great BLOG and e-mail post Matt! Had a great time with yea and the other forum members.

Driving back today!? Kill out early??
Quote from Chuck:
Boomer is fricking HOT!!!!!
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Old 10-29-2009, 01:31 PM
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Great to have ya out east Matt! Have a great weekend. Chopstix is practicing for your next visit

Great Boomertale Boom (not just cause I'm in it!
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
-Mark Twain

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Miss Foxy
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I cannot wait to hear what you got to say about UFC 104 Matt, because your straight out honest!!... Be safe on your trips and God Bless you and your fam bam..
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Thanks for sharing that email, Matt. It's always interesting (but alarming) to see how man continues to repeat and revisit his mistakes time and again.

Loved Boomer's tale (as usual)!
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