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Old 02-09-2009, 02:17 AM
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Default Fight! Magazine Blogs

OK, so I was on Fight! magazine's website & they have a bunch of blogs by fighters, trainers, writers, etc. Some of them look really cool, so I thought it be fun to post some of them here & see what y'all think.

The first is by Matt Brown. I don't know the name, but the blog was pretty good. I know Dave will especially like he first paragraph!!

San Diego and Sushi
1/27/2009 11:53:25 AM

After taking in the Affliction show in Anaheim, me and Thatcher jumped on I-5 and cruised down to San Diego for the WEC show. The event had a lot more people than I expected and the crowd was really hyped. Many arrived early and were tailgating out in the parking lot, football game style. It was cool to see, and perhaps you'll see some FIGHT! tailgates at an event near you. The WEC was great, my only complaint being the guy that does the in-ring interviews after each fight. That guy is a clown and always seems to ask just the right stupid/inappropriate question to get my blood boiling. The worst from Sunday was when he asked Jens if he was still relevant in the sport. Are you ****in kidding me? The dude had a pretty stressful month...just had a baby....had a friend murdered....just lost his third fight in a row....and youre asking JENS PULVER if he's still relevant in the sport, live on national television. Whether its a valid question or not, have a little compassion.

We hung around San Diego on Monday to shoot some of the guys in the area at the Compound in Oceanside. Jeff Clark of North County Fight Club wrangled up all his guys and we got a lot of great stuff. Across the street from the Compound is the headquarters for Triumph United. I walked over there and got to shoot the **** with FIGHT! Magazine's own Ryan Loco and headmaster Hans. They've got some really sweet clothing and gear to go along with some progressive ideas, so I know they'll be around for the long haul.

Somehow, we ended up at a tattoo parlor with Loco after in the afternoon. While I didnt partake, Loco got his 279,495th tattoo yesterday (pics to follow, probably in Paul's or Loco's blog). I wont spill the beans without the images, but lets just say its a gem.

We grabbed some sushi afterwords at a cool place over by Loco's house. I got the meaning of some of Loco's other tattoo's, made fun of Paul's from two decades ago (what is that, like an angry mutant snail or something?), and saw one of the funnier things I've seen in quite some time. The sushi chef would "drop" some sushi on the ground. When he bent over to pick it up...he'd stay down there for like 30 seconds at a time. Paul, the super sleuth that he is, noticed the guys cheecks were very puffy and he was actually slowly moving his mouth in a chewing motion. Yes, the dude was "dropping" the sushi on the floor, probably onto a tarp of some kind, leaning over and stuffing his face with sushi. It was hilarious. We all started cracking up and it was a great end to a good day. We're going to tidy up some loose ends here and then its off to Vegas for UFC 94 press activities and a couple of photo shoots. I should have an update on all that soon enough. Have a great day.
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