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Old 10-22-2009, 09:07 AM
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Default If you missed the film "Obama Deception," then check this...

The end of the film outlined a bank-based taxation system for carbon crimes.

And now...

Who didn't see this coming?

Obama is the perfect mouthpiece puppet for these times. He has no power, the power was in the congress. The propaganda has been used to distract us. (How's that sodium fluoride you've been swallowing? Is it really good for you? Did we really adopt the Nazis after WW2?)

And here's a reply article from an author who takes the attitude that un-filled blanks in the unfinished treaty will be filled in for the best. (It's the "everything's ok, no one ever sins" approach to trusting the power-hungry with power.) That's like the idiots who write loophole laws and then tell you "no one will ever jump through that abusive loophole" when you say that the hole need closing, instead of them just closing it. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-me...en-treaty-thr/Have you ever noticed our congresses passing any unconstitutional laws, which they're not supposed to do in the first place, just to let the overloaded courts clean up? That's why police officers re not in fact required to enforce any unconstitutional laws. So, help me find examples, please, if you ever seen it.

The PolitFact article reminds me of historical blindness. When power is handed over, it's never handed back. He quotes Knox (read the article) in saying that we can get out of a treaty unless the treaty precludes it, and then goes on to ignore that unless-clause that Knox gave. Meanwhile, the man they're criticizing sees how power in history has been handled (totalitarianism) and even mentioned "they're not going to let" the US out, and he too has read the draft. Hmmmm...combine that totalitarian attitude with things like the former IAO inside the CIA and the "control" picture becomes clear. There are patterns here. Have you noti

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Old 10-26-2009, 09:48 PM
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Very interesting read and vid. Thanks for sharing. Once this treaty is complete, I would hope the American Public would be able to view it and vote on it.......but who am I kidding.......all those "wise men" on capitol hill know whats best for us.

I'm afraid though that even if we did get to vote on on this treaty, the public would pass it any way because it seems that most people have been drinking the Kool Aid that all the global warming climatologists have been making.

And what is funny is that right here in Illinois, we just had one of the coolest summers on record and we currently are having the wettest and coolest October on record.

But let me guess, global warming is causing that too?

I definitely believe that there is a hidden agenda with the whole dooms day global warming push! AND that agenda will not be for our benefit!
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