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Old 02-09-2009, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Bonnie
Hey, you addressed everything, but whether his and other's records who have "broken" existing records of some of the greats in the game should be allowed to stand once they're known to use. It seems unfair to me to the guys who made those records by their honest-to-goodness God-given talent rather than by steroids. What say you, JB?

(Oh, and I agree with what you said about prison and the "shanking". I just think their records should be wiped out and they should be fined big time and suspended possibly not able to play in the game again.) Cheating is cheating and I don't know how anyone can be proud of winning by cheating!

Well, that is a gray area.

Lets be clear here, using steroids was NOT actually cheating in Baseball until a few years ago. Yes, you can say that using steroids is illegal and it gives you an edge, but as for the actual rules of Baseball, there was nothing there. Also, when it comes to certain stats and other things, it is hard to say where steroids may have had an effect and where it did not. Sure, HR's are obvious when you got Sosa and McGwire hitting 60 plus in one season, but there are other things that could have been effected greatly by widespread steroid use. I also don't think we have a truly accurate number of HOW MANY players were actually using at the time.

In a nutshell, I say it IS cheating because steroid use is illegal and it forces the athletes who don't use to have to use if they want to be able to compete. As for what should happen to people who make it into the record books after juicing, I think you still have to mention them, but an asterisk is in order.
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