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Default Component of Obama's stimulus package

Nearly $1 million dollars to go for a disc golf course to be placed in Austin, TX. For those who don't already know, Austin already has 5 public courses.

So this is the type of proposal that's supposed to create jobs? Talk about a waste of money and a band-aid of "creating more jobs".

Austin's slice of stimulus is a flippin' waste of money
Thursday, February 5, 2009

City lists $886,000 Frisbee golf course on stimulus projects list.

There it was, in a front-page story in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal — the City of Austin's proposal for $886,000 from President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package for a 36-hole Frisbee golf course.

Austin's Frisbee golf project was among $149 billion in items listed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors seeking stimulus money. The 18,750 individual projects were supposed to be "shovel ready" and create jobs around the country.

Most of the proposals were for roads, sewers and other major infrastructure improvements in America's crumbling cities. But there were plenty of frivolous items, too, alongside Austin's.

The Journal reported that Boynton Beach, Fla., listed an "eco park" with butterfly gardens and gopher tortoises for $4.5 million. Chula Vista, Calif., listed $500,000 to create a leash-free area for dogs. And Lincoln, Neb., proposed $3 million for an "environmentally friendly clubhouse for a municipal golf course."

While few of those requests would create many jobs, the mayors' group estimates 1.6 million new jobs from the full list of projects. Still, are disc golf courses and dog parks what the president expected from his now $900 billion stimulus package?

Austin, Capital Metro and the Austin school district had more than a billion dollars on its list of ready-to-go projects, said John Hrncir, the city's governmental relations officer. And most were for general public works, infrastructure, improvements at the airport and the like. He said there are millions of dollars in energy conservation projects on the list.

Hrncir said the mayors were asked to put together the ready-projects list in a hurry, and Austin's proposals weren't vetted by the city manager's office or the City Council.

"It was to show Congress and the Obama administration that the stimulus could be used by cities quickly," Hrncir said. He added that the disc golf project came from the Parks and Recreation Department and that the city would be far more circumspect in a formal request for stimulus money.

Still, it's the frivolous items that stick in the craw of taxpayers who aren't all that thrilled about the stimulus package anyway. Austin already is the St. Andrews of disc golf with five public courses, so it was goofy to propose nearly $1 million in federal funds for one more.
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Old 02-07-2009, 02:10 AM
Chris F
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And yet Nancy and Obama swore an administration of no pork spending. Congratulation this is who America elected.
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