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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Let me tell you a story.

Ms Medicare goes to the doctor with a hurt leg from a fall. Doc xrays it, nothing is broken, gives her pain meds, and sends her on her way. The doctor bills for an office visit and an xray of $100.00 - 80 for xray and 20 for office visit. (Cheap, I know but easier numbers to work with. And this doctor is still young and wants to do the right thing and not just eat people up with medical costs.You will get the point hopefully.) Well, medicare decides that he should only get $30.00. Well, the xray actually cost him $60.00. And then he gets nothing for his time and overhead costs. Well, he is like wtf . Who at medicare decided that 30.00 would/should cover this cost. Well Doc, it is a panel led by a woman who has over 30 years medical experience. 15-20 years teaching at a college and 10 heading a political/medical affair. She had NEVER had her hands in on actual patient care and has NO clue about running an office or the costs*. But she has the job and there is nothing you can do about it. Okay, so Doc is out $50.00. Now, in comes Mr BC/BS who fell and twisted his ankle. The doc xrays, nothing broken, and sends him home with meds and an ice pack. Now come billing time he knows that BC/BS will pay about 50 percent of what he bills out. So, he bills $180 for the xray and $80 for an office visit. That way he gets paid $90 for the xray. This pays for his $60.00 and picks up the $30.00 that medicare wouldn't pay. He gets $40 on the office visit which covers Mr BC/BS and Ms Medicare. Now at least he can make ends meet with his overhead.

Moral of the story: The gov't is as much to blame in jacked up health care prices as anyone.
Now factor in defensive medicine and it only gets worse from there....
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