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Old 09-10-2009, 11:57 PM
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shane carwin is a good guy. He's also someone with a chance against Brock Lesnar. He really interacts well and often with fans.
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Old 09-11-2009, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by jason2130 View Post
i dont even think it was adrenaline or WWE, he gives what he gets and stepping in the ring doesnt wipe the slate clean afterwards with him, he holds grudges or sees it as the best time to talk crap back is after you just whooped someone

if carwin stays the respectful competitor he is now, you watch and see as you get the respectful lesnar after lesnar wins, the same lesnar you had after randy and the lesnar after mir 1

i happen to like him more that he doesnt forget months and months of crap talking in 1-15 minutes of fight time, regardless if its for hype or not, plenty of fighters dont hype there matches trying to create grudges
Yeah, but you also gotta understand something, he doesn't care what you think about him. As long as he keeps making millions for Dana & Co., he's not going anywhere. He's the guy everybody's gunning for or avoiding now. As the most-watched athlete on PPV last year, he's going to be around and people are going to tune it to either cheer for him or hope he loses.

I think it's quite possible that a record will be broken in this fight with Carwin if the UFC hypes this right. Kinda tough with the Pacquiao/Cotto fight the week before this though for those who are fans of both sports - it's going to be an expensive November for me
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