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Old 08-21-2009, 02:31 AM
Via Con Dios
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To say that they should not let him have that shot is like saying that nobody can play on a championship NFL team unless they have played on a different team in the league first. Or college track stars cant be put on the footbal team because they didnt play in high school. It is the nature of the beast, we dont always like it but thats just the way it is. BTW it aint his fault they gave him a title shot!!! What was he gonna do? Say "no, because I dont think the fans feel like I am ready"? heck no!! he took the fight because he felt like he could win. And guess what, he won.

I would agree that its not his fault that he got a title shot, but how do you justify the interim belt? how do you (the ufc) make such a mockery of the interim belt? whats the point of the interim belt if they can bypass it at will to give Mongo a title shot because its good marketing?
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Old 08-21-2009, 03:01 AM
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as far as lashley and brock it was all about timing, if lashley came to dana first we would be having the names reversed as lashley would be the undeserving champ, and brock would be the respectable lil guy, their WWE careers are about identical, both headlined PPVs and both held the WWE belt, but since brock was the first to dana white he was marketed first/faster and lashley got stuck on other shows, you could argue that the only reason lashley is in mma was to get fast tracked like brock and since he didnt get it hes now at TNA (which to me makes him worse than brock, atleast brock didnt run back to wrestling when mir beat him the first time)

and as far as brocks attitude, he gives what he gets...
brock vs mir 1, no trash talking pre fight, hugs and respect after the fight
brock vs heath, trash talking before, during, and after the fight
brock vs randy, respectful before and after the fight
brock vs mir 2, disrespectful before the fight, got worse after the fight

my guess is this will be the trend throughout his career, and if the crowd is booing him, then i imagine hes gonna give the crowd his opinion back, i happen to like him more that he seems more real after a fight as opposed to 2 fighters who hate each other become best friends 5 secs after beating the crap out of each other and talking crap for 6 months previously

had brock jumped in randys face and rolled around laughing at him after the fight, i would tend to agree more with hes disrespectful over all, but since he shows respect to those that give it, i think that just makes him more likeable in my opinion, thats just me though
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Old 08-21-2009, 09:18 AM
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While I don't approve of some of his antic's I can understand some of his anger! Shoot their were Folk's hating on him before he even had his first UFC fight or even come close to acting up. When I watched the repeat on Spike I myself got mad and said the fans they were a bunch of jerks. He was being booed before he got to the cage,during the fight and after the fight. The way the FANS acted you would of thought it was a wwe event instead of a sporting event! In fact to be honest all the hatred directed at him makes me root for him even more. As for whether or not he should have got the title shot or not is a different thing altogether. He got it and won without breaking any rules so he earned the title! One of the differences between Brock and Kimbo is that the whole time Kimbo was being hyped as the baddest man on earth he was just fighting cans. Brock however was thrown in the deep in to sink or swim on his own! When they first matched Brock up against Mir I thought Dana was throwing Brock to the Wolves! I didn't think Brock stood a chance against ANYBODY even close to A Frank Mir! But despite losing he showed me he actually belonged. As for being born strong, some Folk's are Genetically gifted but it still takes some work to take advantage of those gifts.
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Old 08-21-2009, 09:59 AM
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Makes me wonder.........if MMA was this succesful 10 years ago, how many of these fake wrestlers would have chosen mma instead of wwe? Guys like Kurt, Bobby, and Brock probably would have chosen mma before wwe if the money would have been there then. Who knows?
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