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Old 08-14-2009, 02:18 PM
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Default Reasons why Silva/Machida shouldn't happen


Thursday’s upload of “MMA Live” brings with it a discussion of Anderson Silva’s future as a hybrid-weight athlete. I won’t spoil the dialogue for you, but there is indication from some idiot blogger that there’s no small degree of futility in Silva picking off contenders at 205 pounds when he has no intention of vying for friend Lyoto Machida’s belt.

Taking it a few steps further:

1. Let’s say the UFC was able -- through strong-arming and coercing worthy of a Kung Fu flick -- to push Machida and Silva into a bout. With their reluctance well-documented, can you imagine the level of hyper-analysis that would follow their every move? Say one gets knocked down with a stiff jab -- or worse, someone torques an ankle or knee. Happens all the time. But if it happens in the context of two reluctant sparring partners in a prizefight neither wanted, there would be no end of speculation over the potential for choreography.

2. Silva bouncing from class to class ignores the obligation he has to defend his 185-pound belt. This sport has a serious problem taking its titles seriously. B.J. Penn went more than a year between lightweight defenses so he could fight Georges St. Pierre; Cung Le’s Strikeforce strap is a dull, rusted antique after spending nearly 18 months on the shelf.

Contenders push themselves with the expectation they’ll be afforded an opportunity to face their divisional leader in a timely fashion. When Silva ignores Dan Henderson or Demian Mai