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A community organizer is a nice word for someone who goes into community that is comprised of mostly minority races, and gets them to join together in complaining about the local government and blaming others for the tough situations they live in. This is what i have been told by a good friend of mine from Philly. (A Black guy)
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Originally Posted by Crisco
Nate has actually been pretty critical of Bush in the past...

It just may have gone unnoticed because he didn't just type

"Bush is an Idiot who put this country in the crapper"

I'd like to know exactly what Bush did that everyone thinks he put the country into ruin? Do we blame the economy on him and stuff? Why? What could he have done differently to prevent it?



I could give you many more links to articles describing the things which Bush did or didn't do, but don't want to be accused of bias. Granted, these 3 are articles/opinion pieces. If you wish to further read on these topics, feel free to do some digging.

To reiterate, I liked Bush in the beginning. That fell by the wayside and I ended up almost hating Bush the President.

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