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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
The difference is that we've never seen Fedor lose (legitimately). the only thing working against Fedor (if anything) is that he's never (to my knowledge) competed in a cage.
And therein they were all defeated whilst in Pride AND the UFC (Shogun to Forrest, Wandy to Chuck/Rampage, Nog to Mir, CC to Kongo and Gonzaga...Fedor is unbeaten only in Pride...I'm not sure he's as invincible as the GSP nuthugger like fans of his may think.

We'll see how he does against Brock who barely allowed Mir to catch a breath on the ground...it could be a great upset. Brock and his unsurpassed wrestling career may nullify Fedor's ground game and there may be no chance at striking.

If Brock beat Fedor, what then? The nuthuggers would demand a rematch and excuse Fedor's loss on whatev. They would hate on Brock and say he was greasing or something

We'll see...give him a title shot off the gate then, if the betters were wrong they will be eating crow...

we'll see...

Please consider England in your prayers!

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Did you guys check the press conference? :( :( :( :(
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