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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
On another note, the octagon was a mess when it came to the main card ... there must have been some serious cuts in the undercards .... was it all from danzig or were there other fights that contributed to the mess ...
bonnar was busted open too
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OK, so after missing the PPV due to a buddy's suprise-party-turned-engagement-party, I'm finally getting a chance to watch the fights. What follow are my thoughts, and they probably aren't original or ground-breaking:
  • Akiyama/Belcher
    • Haha, "Sexiyama".
    • Man, that was one heck of a ball shot!
    • OK, now I remember where I've heard of Akiyama before: the Asian Greasegate against Sakuraba. I was undecided over who I wanted to see win before, but now I'm solidly in Alan's corner.
    • 3 fairly good back & forth rounds of striking, I'm a little disappointed to not see more judo from Aki, but o well.
    • Man, Aki looks like Stitch is having to put him back together after the fight.
    • Wow, I guess that decision explains the tweet I got from Dana last night...
  • Bisping/Henderson
    • Wow, Bisping honestly believes that Dan's a walk in the park? I hope he's just saying that as hype & not because he's that overconfident.
    • Rnd 1
      • Mike clearly doesn't want to stand still for Dan's shots.
      • BIG SHOTS!!!!! C'mon, end this fight!
      • Dan seems content to be patient & not over-extend.
      • Dan's connecting on some nice straight lefts but itsn't following it up much.
      • Time for some clinch night-mares for Mike.
      • Hahahaha, weakest shot ever!!!
      • 10-9 for Hendo.
    • Rnd 2
      • Mike starting the rnd with som eleg slaps but no real power behind 'em
      • Dan's still pounding away with power shots
      • Mike may be winning this rnd on oct. control, Dan needs to put it on him now.
      • AHHHHHHHHHHHahahahahahaha, I love it! The two most arrogant, annoying, TUF winners in history get poleaxed with just 1 PPV between 'em!!
  • Alves/GSP
    • Well, unfortunately, I already know the outcome of this one (thanks for the spoiler, Kim), but not the when or how, so I guess it'll be interesting to see if it's a close fight or if GSP walks all over him.
    • Rnd 1
      • Nice takedowns by GSP early. Great job of following up when Thiago stood up.
      • RNC this early????? No way!
      • I'm impressed with how easily Alves got back up.
      • Man, two kicks & GSP's leg already matches his shorts...
      • GSP's answering with some wicked kicks as well.
      • Thiago's starting to look more comfortable now as the round ends, but I think GSP takes it due to the TDs & taking the back
      • Man, if Thiago's eye-lid is cut & all Goldie can talk abuot is Couture/Belfort, I'm gonna be pissed.
      • 10-9 for GSP.
    • Rnd 2
      • These TDs are looking really easy for GSP, but Thiago's using good defensive BJJ to keept GSP from passing.
      • The GnP here is textbook right now. Although I notice that GreaSeP's not "slipping" through guard as easily as he used to! :whistle:
      • Good to get up, but Thiago looks exhausted
      • I really like listening to Greg Jackson in between rounds. He's very calm & deliberate & precise with what he saysand what he wants his guys to hear.
      • 10-9 for GSP.
    • Rnd 3
      • Shocking, Thiago's coming out more fired up, just like Greg called.
      • Nice job with the TD defense, but I think that now he's been reminded of GSP's plan & he's hesitant now to throw, giving GSP time to set up a much better TD. Thiago looks out of his depth right now.
      • It seems like the only time GSP really has to be scared of Thiago is the 1st 15-20sec of a rnd or after a stand-up. After that panic flurry, Thiago gets scare of the TDs again & gets reserved.
      • Quick 1-2 from GSP drops Alves, can he finish????
      • Yet another rnd easily scored for GSP. He gets those TDs becuase he never gives up on them. He commits fully to all his attempts.
      • Haha, Greg even compliments GSP's nose-blowing!!
      • 10-9 for GSP.
    • Rnd 4
      • GSP is on fire right now. Mount.
      • Thiago's head looks likes it's going to pop it's so purple right now.
      • Armbar attempt lost, how's GSP handle bottom?
      • Defending fairly well, never took much damage.
      • Floors him again. Catches the foot, counters with the right & drops on top.
      • Thiago looks like he's been
      • Oooowwww, pulled ground. That sucks.
      • Hahaha "I don't care, hit him with your groin!" Really impressed with Greg's ability to nuetralized his fighters' worries & get them focused.
      • 10-9 for GSP.
    • Rnd 5
      • GSP needs to be smart here, Thiago's going to be looking for a home run all fight long. There will be a lot of desperation moves.
      • GSP's not showing any signs of groin pain, he's masking it well, not giving Thiago any hint that he's in pain.
      • 9th TD of the fight.
      • The Kampmann/Swick winner gets GSP next? Boo on that, niether of them are ready for GSP!
      • I count that as a 10th TD.
      • I guess no back-flip this fight, huh?
      • This rnd may well be 10-8. Thaigo's done nothing to threaten.
    • I've gotta guess at least a 50-44, maybe more.
  • Lesnar/Mir
    • Rnd 1
      • Oooooo $h!t, no glove touch!!
      • OK, Brock in 1/2 guard, but seems to just be stalling right now...
      • Brock looks a litle nervous right now, afraid to open up & get caught.
      • Man, vicious punches to the face, Mir's bleeding a lot already. This arm control Brock's using is crazy. Frank can't be feeling good right now.
      • Brock's doing a good job of not giving Frank space to pull anything off, but he's not being overly exciting, either.
      • Man, Brock's almost as tall sitting as his corners are standing!!
    • Rnd 2
      • Brock looks exhausted for some reason. Are actually going to see a HW affected by the weight-cut?
      • DONE!
      • Man, those were some ridiculous power shots, Frank's still out of it.
      • Wow, has Brock been hanging out with the Diaz bros?
  • Fitch/Thiago:
    • Rnd 1
      • O man, Fitch, don't tell me you're gonna tap to a guillotine now.
      • C'mon, Jon, let's go.
      • Nice! Good patience. Time to capitalize.
      • Nice technical battle. Not exciting, but still enjoyable to watch them work.
      • 10-9, Thiago, I think.
    • Rnd 2
      • Nice punches lead to a nice TD by Fitch.
      • Really, Fitch, you're gonna give up another guillotine?
      • Another TD.
      • Man, everybody in MMA these days rides way too high on the back.
      • I'd give this round to Jon, 10-9.
    • Rnd 3
      • More nice hands lead to another nice TD for Fitch.
      • Thiago's got a nice butterfly guard, but Fitch is neutralizing it well.
      • Paulo's getting worked right now. It's like Matt says: "You punch a BJJ black belt in the face a coupla times, he turns into a white belt."
      • 10-9 for Fitch.
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Old 07-14-2009, 04:03 AM
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Belcher lost, fair and square.

I rewatched the fight 5 times.
Aki got a taken down in the first, and landed a lot more power shots.
In the second and 3rd it was more of the same, Belcher landed leg kicks the whole fight, but that