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Default All-American Moments in MMA on Sherdog

guess who #3 is.....

Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg
UFC 52 “Couture vs. Liddell 2,” April 16, 2005, Las Vegas

Lesser men might have succumbed to the onslaught after being struck below the belt. Popped in the coconuts by a Trigg knee from the clinch early in round one, an incapacitated Hughes was at his opponent’s mercy for several harrowing moments, the illegal blow obscured from the referee’s view. Trigg threatened to finish it with a stream of punches from the top and a rear-naked choke before Hughes inexplicably rose from the grave, hoisted him into the air, carried him across the cage and slammed him to the canvas, the crown erupting in a mixture of shock and respect. Soon after, “Twinkle Toes,” submitted to a rear-naked choke.
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