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Originally Posted by Play The Man
Americans are already stockpiling ammunition because of Obama. The past few times that I have gone to the sporting goods store they have been out of .22LR ammunition and they have buying limits on all the ammunition.

There is a brisk business in reloading supplies as well.

They wouldn't have to ban ammunition. They would just have to tax it so high that it became prohibitively expensive to fire a gun.

You mentioned that you were going to read the Constitution. If gun control critics were intellectually honest people they would try to repeal the second amendment.
Firstly how do you know the consitutuion means Arms as in weapons...and not bare arms....as in roll your sleaves up That was a joke one of my friends made at work about "the right to bare arms"

I dont think your government should raise taxes. Historically...Americans REALLY hate that. If your Government wants to remain in situe it cant disarm militantly, and it cant disarm via hiking taxes...both of those will cause civil unrest, great civil unrest...the sort of civil unrest that becomes Civil War
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