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Old 06-28-2009, 04:17 PM
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Default Little UFC Quiz

Warriorlion...you may NOT take part in this

Q1 Which Finalist of a UFC Championship Tournement went on to Blind Fighter Yuki Nakai in his only other MMA Performance sinse?

Q2 How many PPV sales were recorded from UFC1

Q3 What was the total Audience number from UFC1?

Q4 True Or False
Future Ref John McCarthy applied to enter UFC2 as a Fighter.

Q5 What Numbered Event saw the first UFC held outside of the United States, and which Country was it held in?

Q6 What Numbered Event First broke from the Tournement Style Championship?

Q7 What Numbered Event saw the compulsory use of 4oz gloves?

Q8 How many Events have the UFC produced from Brazil?

Q9 What Numbered UFC Event did Round Length times become Standardized, and Five rounds become Compulsory for Championship Events?

Q10 what Numbered Event saw the Last Tournement Style UFC?

Q11 Name Two things very special about UFC15?

Q12 Why did Kevin Randleman pull out of his fight in UFC24?

Q13 What Numbered Event saw the entry of the First British Fighter and what was his name?

Q14 What award did Patrick Miletich win in the UFC Prior to being the GodFather of the Welterweight Division?

Q15 What was the Title Name of the First Zuffa UFC Card?

Q16 What Event saw the Standardization of Weight Divisions?

Q17 Which Order to the Divisions come into being in terms of Championship Belts?

Q18 The NSAC first Sanctioned the UFC from Event 31?
True or False

Q19 What event was nearly cancelled due to the outbreak of Disease amoung the cast and crew?

Q20 There is a Draw for the Fastest KO in UFC History

True or False?

Q21 The UFC has produced shows in only Seven Countries besides the United States

True or False?

Q22 For How many years did the UFC Lightweight Division remain without a Champion after Jen Pulvers abdication?

Q23 Which Division hold the only Draw at Championship Level, and who was it between, and at which Numbered Event did it take place?

Q24 What Numbered Event marked the first complete Decade of the UFC?

Q25 There are claims by the management that the Scales might be to blame for Joe Riggs failing to make weight for his Championship Bout at Welterweight Verse Matt Hughes

True or False

Q26 Who is the Only Former TUF winner, to go on to lose his first professional bout following the TUF Finale Win? What Number TUF was it?

Q27 What did Kimo Leopoldo carry with him to the Cage at UFC 3?

Q28 What is the largest Score dissagreement between Judges? at what Numbered UFN event did it take place?

Q29 Who is James Ladner and where is he now?

Q30 how many times has Randy Couture Contested for a UFC Title?

Q31, adding up all Numbered Events, All UFN Events, all TUF Finales and all "Ultimate" events...UFC100 will actually conclude how many UFC productions all together

134, 156, or 179?

Q32 Which UFC Numbered Event happened BETWEEN UFC Numbered Events, and is the only Numbered Event to be UFC something and a half?

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Old 06-28-2009, 04:23 PM
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Scores out of Thirty-Eight
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Old 06-28-2009, 06:14 PM
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Dave, I'd love to take this quiz & display my UFC knowledge, but it's way too long & I'm way too lazy!!

Any way you could break it down? Maybe into a series of 10 question quizzes or something like that? Then the ADD among us would be more likely to take them.
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