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Default The Organization of American States

So North America has a Union aswell...how absolutely Fascinating!

Anyone care to comment?

I mean you guys seems to dislike Old Europe (Now the European Union) You disregard the United Nations (A group of representatives from the whole world) yet you are IN your own little Union....The United States of America, The Soverign Commonwealth State of Canada, Third World Mexico...and several others...and Latin America

hahahaha...your very own North Atlantic Treaty Organization...of which President Bush STOLE a line from its Charter when he founded the Coillition of States against Terrorism...He said that an attack on one is an attack on all....and the Chater reads

" An act of aggression against one American State is an act of aggression against all the other American States"

Really??? So...if Mexico was attacked...the United States would defend her out of Loyalty to America (As a Continent)

lets not even go into the fact half the Latin American States are in it. Venezuela anyone

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