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Default exercise for the mind

well lets see how this go's,,i will give you a puzzle and the person that gets the answer first can then leave a puzzle of their own for everybody else to figure out and the person that gets that one right does the next one and so on and so on,,

here we go,,

a man was on his way to town with a fox a chicken and a bag of grain when he came upon a river,,
realizing he could only take one at a time across the river he had to figure out how to do it,,you see if he left the fox with the chicken the fox would eat the chicken but if he left the chicken with grain the chicken would eat the grain,

so how did he do it?
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1) Takes the chicken across. Leaves fox & grain.
2) Comes back across alone.
3) Takes fox across. Leaves grain by itself.
4) Comes back across with chicken. Leaves fox by itself.
5) Takes grain across. Leaves chicken by itself.
6) Comes back across alone. Leaves fox & grain.
7) Takes chicken across. He's now across with all three items.
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