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Default Serra Believes Hughes Is Over Looking Him

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 - by Damon Martin - MMAWeekly.com

It's been almost 2 years in the making, but at UFC 98 Matt Serra will finally get his chance to take on Matt Hughes in a grudge match for the ages. The war of words between the two welterweights goes back even further, but on May 23 they will finally get to settle the score.

Many fans ask the question of what brought about the feud between Serra and Hughes, and to hear the New York native talk about it, all you'd have to do is drop a few dollars and rent a few seasons of "The Ultimate Fighter."

"Rent season 2 of "The Ultimate Fighter" then go to season 4, make it halfway through season 6 without calling the guy a douche and I'll tell you right now I owe you an apology. I'm just not a big fan," Serra told MMAWeekly Radio recently about his history with Hughes. "We used to be cool back in the day, but success, just like anything else, gets to people. They can either be grateful and be thankful and stay grounded, or they can get stuck up and think who they are. He's that guy."

"He thinks he's above people, that's just the way I see it."

The former welterweight champion believes that Hughes will also carry that attitude into the fight at UFC 98, and he plans on making the Illinois native pay for any mistakes he might make on fight night.

"I know he doesn't put me on his level," Serra commented. "That's going to come into play, and he's going to realize 'just because I'm a bigger wrestler, I'm a bigger guy, maybe a better wrestler and I can bench press more' there's more to it, you know?"

Admitting that his opponent does bring many dangerous weapons into the fight, Serra says it's the lack of respect coming his way that will be Hughes undoing.

"No matter what I think of Matt Hughes, I obviously think he's a dangerous guy, and I respect his skills and what he's accomplished, even though I don't like him that much as a person at all," said Serra. "The biggest thing for him in this fight is going to be ego. He doesn't think I belong in the same arena, let alone the same cage as him. That's the difference, I'm expecting a hard fight, and I don't think he is."

The interviews leading into this grudge match have been plentiful, but Serra laughs at some of the comments his opponent has made, and he's ready to make him pay for it when the step into the Octagon.

"I saw an interview for the promos saying that he's going to see me there, and I'm going to look across the cage, and I don't know, second guess taking the fight. He must be smoking crack on that farm of his. Look at the list of guys I've fought. I don't (expletive) my pants over anyone, I don't give a (expletive) who it is," Serra stated.

Working at his gym as well as traveling back to Renzo Gracie's school in Manhattan, along with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace John Danaher, and stand-up coach Ray Longo, Serra believes he is more prepared for this fight than ever before.

"I couldn’t feel better. I feel the best I've felt in a long time, I'm rearing to go," said Serra. "I'm healthy, my back felt like there was nothing ever wrong with it. I'm seriously putting 110% into this fight, and we'll see how it works out. I feel really good about it."

The New Yorker has no problem letting Matt Hughes know how he feels going into the fight, but he's also ready to unleash all the training and hard work he's put forth, come Saturday night.

"I'm ready to give three five's of hell," Serra said. "I'm not over analyzing anything, I'm not getting crazy or getting caught up in anything, it's another fight, just a guy I really don't want to lose to."

Matt Serra will face Matt Hughes in the co-main event of UFC 98 on Saturday night, May 23.


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