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Originally Posted by Josh
Ok you sold me. When will you be ready for us to move in? Actually we are union and they have to give you three notices of the same offence in a year to fire you but if they sell the laws are not very strong.
The Uusual process for termination in an english company is when after several repeated mistakes, or a very bad behavioural act, the company decides to lodge a Disciplinary procedure against you. The usual progression will involve somekinda hearing (its based on the civil law procedure) you'll end up with a verbal warning.

If the person continues their action, the same process is repeated, the result is a first written warning.

If the person continues their action (remember this is all for the SAME direct problem) The person gets a second written warning...and the company have grounds to sack that person.

If the person makes a different mistake, it wont count as one of the three strikes to being sacked rule. Also, the chain above has to happen in swift succession. all in a period of 6 months, since after that the Verbal warning will be removed from the persons record. Its not that easy to sack someone in England

Their are loop holes...for example, depending on what the charges are, sometimes they can warrent summery dismissal. In those cases...the insitution will check properly before sentancing...IF you have passed your first year of employment, since you can appeal to a third party Tribuneral.

IF you are UNDER one year...you have problems, because if they sack you, you dont have the right to go to the tribuneral...In order to stop this from happening, you have to hope they make a procedural mistake...one you can go public on if they sentance you...call it blackmail if you want...but it relies on them making a procedural mistake...and it relies on you being innocent and being able to prove by...going to the newspapers, that they have wronged you. Then you have to hope that they wont call your bluff...and if they do...you must be prepared to go public, or else be twice shamed for having threatened it in the first place.

I know a lot about this sort of stuff because...I've been there
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