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Default BLOG: Just training...

From Matt's blog:

Well, sorry for the late blog, but as you all know I've been busy. I know most of you are wanting to know how my training is going, but to be honest I really don't want to say much about it. After the fight, I'll talk more about the training, but all I can say now is that it's going very well. With all of my training, I don't have a whole lot to say so I thought I'd bring some things up from the past. Here's a few things that maybe some of you have never seen before:
XYIENCE "Country Breakfast" (2006)

That commercial even gave Nate the idea of me having my own breakfast cereal and here is the concept illustration that he made for that:

There were also these commercials I did for XYIENCE:
XYIENCE "Cross-Sporting" (2006)
XYIENCE UFN Promo (2006)

When I'm travelling I always have my laptop with me and I've got tons of pictures on there and here are a few pictures that I look at frequently:

This is from the day Hanna was born:

Joey's first day at the big school (kindergarten):

Some pictures of Hanna:

with Bobo (her grandfather)

This is one of my favorite pictures of Hanna

Joey, Hanna and Brandon in the big bed. (When Hanna wants to sleep with us, she always says "I want to sleep in the big bed"):

Audra and some of her friends at one of my fights (I can't remember which one):

Me and Matt Pena:

Finally, I just like the message that this picture sends:

Until next week... -matt
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Originally Posted by NateR
From Matt's blog:
Country Breakfast was shot in 2006?? Is that right?? Man .. good memories!! Glad training is going well bro ..

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Good to hear training is going good. Damn, is Joey really in kindergarten there ... so he is 4/5 in that picture??? dude is gonna be a beast ......
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