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Default The main event of the 100day Colosseum Inaugeration

Soooo...Vespasian puts down a revolt under emporar Nero and he distroys the Jewish Temple, he steals all the gold and returns to Rome to find Nero dead and Rome on fire...after a short civil war lasting one year Vespasian becomes Emporar, and he decides to use the money he got from the Jewish Temple to build a the Colosseum in Rome to better host the Ludi.

The Colosseum takes a decade to build, and poor Vespasian dies the year before the Flavian Ampitheatre is ready to open. His Son, Titus succeeds him as Emporar and decides to host a one hundred day inaugeration event.

During the three hundred years the Ampitheatre was in progress, only one written account of an actual gladiatorial battle remains...its one of the main events from one of those one hundred days.

It begins with two gladiators who fight, with a referee who halts the match when one of them drops there shield, and conviscates the other mans shield aswell to make it fair. The action is halted a second time when one of them drops there sword, and its decided that this will be a match based on unarmed combat...the fight goes on and on and on...and eventually the Emporar Titus tells the Ref to stop the match all together.

He decides that both men have fought equally well, he calls it a draw, and awards both slaves their freedom.

...and you thought the Ludi were barbaric

Priscus and Verus were the names of the two who headlined the inagural event...and just a week and a half ago, I was actually in what remains of the building where that event took place

I wonder if in a thousand years time...people will be saying the same thing about MMA when walking around whatever casino funded arena the UFC uses
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