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Default Ken Shamrock rails against Dana White in Twitter onslaught

This is kinda pulled from the intro to today's Morning Report, so the formatting isn't quite right. It's an interesting & important debate, though, so I figured it'd be worth a little cumbersome-ness (that's a word, right?).

From MMAFighting.com (written by David St. Martin):
After a failed 2009 legal attempt against UFC parent company Zuffa LLC, UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock has reignited his long-running feud with company president Dana White. After being tweeted a video critical of the UFC's treatment of fighters, Shamrock was joined by fellow disgruntled former UFC champions Randy Couture and Frank Shamrock in echoing its sentiment.
Originally Posted by JayT TROPIX
Originally Posted by Randy Couture
@JayTWarsh @titoortiz @ShamrockKen @frankshamrock @sonnench seems pretty straight forward to me ! The video speaks for it self .
Originally Posted by Ken Shamrock
@Randy_Couture @JayTWarsh @titoortiz @frankshamrock @sonnench - I second that randy. - $100 CHAEL?
Originally Posted by Frank Shamrock
Going after him directly, Shamrock addresses White's numerous public disputes with fighters no longer employed by Zuffa.
Originally Posted by Ken Shamrock
@danawhite - you insult randy, you swear at frank, you put down Tito, you criticize rampage. DO YOU have any Respect left? @titoortiz
Shamrock continues with claims that White, acting as the event's promoter, exploited UFC fighters while not paying them accordingly.
"So what your saying is that the fighters did not make the ufc what it is today that disrespectful promoter did all of that wow what a smart guy you are why didn't I think of that who needs fighters when you can just disrespect the guys who made your promotion and talk trash and make loads of money and not give what is partially the fighters money."
When asked about the possibility of filing some sort of class action lawsuit, Shamrock seemed to allege misleading or incorrect UFC financial numbers are hurting its fighters. Due to the UFC's status as a privately held firm, it's under no obligation to disclose its financials.
"No the contracts are agreed upon what there are being told what is made. And the numbers that they are being told that is made is no true. At the sometime if one of the fighters want to audit to find out if in fact the numbers are right just look at me that's what happens when you want to know the truth."
Originally Posted by Ken Shamrock
@danawhite THE FOUNDATION of the HOUSE ~ without a foundation you can't build. Give respect where it's due pic.twitter.com/VU7I4Ml1Z6
After claiming the UFC had prematurely released him with one fight remaining on his contract, Judge Susan H. Johnson of the Eighth Judicial District Court for Nevada ordered Shamrock to pay $175,000 in attorneys' fees and costs related to the 2009 suit. In 2012, Shamrock participated in an Outside the Lines story for ESPN delving into fighter pay. Making an appearance on the MMA Hour shortly thereafter, Shamrock further details his issues with not being given his due by Zuffa and White.
"I set up deals, I agreed to them, so I'm not going to look back on it now and say look how much money they made and how much money I made. It's not fair. I'm not going to say that because I did a contract. I made a deal. It is what it is. But when I hear things like this where it sounds like he did all these things for me and I did nothing for them, it kind of stirs up a little fire because I'm thinking to myself, 'Where would they be if that feud didn't happen?' They were getting ready to shut the doors, from my understanding. Whether it's true or not true, that's just what I heard, that they weren't doing well. And I came in, and the numbers changed."
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