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Default European Union: State of The Union Address

I Kid Ye Not


The President blames the US for the financial Crisis five years ago.
The President says things are on the way up, especially for the troubled nations
The President says Financial and Economic Union are a must
The President Says that Financial and Economic Union will stop tax payers bearing the brunt of bail outs, stop individual soverignties from taking advantage of competition, and return europe to growth.
The President says that whilst most institutions for this union are at European level, some, remain at National Level and, in a word, need to be ratified in accordance with Union policy
The President outlines improvements, and updates to Europe wide communications, single market, youth unemployment and undustry
The President outlines the investment opportunities in science and technology, and therefore defends the spending of the european budgit in this area
The President explains the energy framework, and wishes the European Union to impose its 2020 agenda for climate change sa