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Default Dane of Ripon Cathedral: Sudden Death

Keith Jukes, Dean of Ripon Cathedral, Died this afternoon in Harrogate District Hospital. He announced on Sunday that he was suffering from a cancerous growth in the stomach.

Keith was one of the more Christian Leaders in the Diocise, who perservered against a Church who wanted to combine several Diocise and depose Ripon as Cathedral, and a Bishop who was way to permissive of other faiths, to the extent of letting them pray to their own gods inside a Christian service (something I witnessed myself)

He was 59 years old and much loved, he leaves behind a Wife and two children

In Other news, today a 78 year old staunch right winger shot himself in the head at the altar of Notre-Dame, his act of suicide was related to the fact the French President has just legalized full scale homosexual marriage rights
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