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Old 11-08-2012, 07:32 PM
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Default Durham for ABC!!!

I cant believe it!! The Church of England, for possibly the first time this Century has actually followed what I believe to be The Spirit in the appointment of the new Archbishop of Canterbury...We wont know for certain until the official announcment from the Crown tommorow morning...However...News has broken that the Crown Nominations Committee for the case of the Appointment of the next Archbishop of Canterbury is going to be the BEST man for the job.

His name is Justin Welby...he is currently the Bishop of Durham...but GET THIS he was only Consecrated TWELVE MONTHS AGO!!! He is the NEWEST Bishop in England, and about to become the first amoung equals of the entire Communion.

His Background makes him the right person for the job, he is Evangelical, but Traditionalist. He is Pro Women in Ministry and Women Bishops in the Church of England...he respects Homosexual Rights to choose their lifestyle, but he refuses to back Gay Marriage...and yet has been Envoy to Africa for several years and so will be able to reach the Gospel Community there...its thought his tollerance of homosexuals, but refusal of the Marriage of them, will bridge the gap between the two sides, or at least be the most likely to avoid a split.

He had years of being a businessman, or working in retail, and working high up in Oil and the city banking. He wrote about the ethics, or imorality of the system that collapsed in 2008. He gave it all up in the early 1990s to become a stypendary Priest. He did such a good job that Coventry made him a Prebendary and he enjoyed cathedral community so much he went on to become Dean of Liverpool...then last year he was made a Bishop and went to historic Durham...less then a year later he is being considered along side people like London and York to succeed the terrible Mr Williams. He is an oxbridge educated man, and Conservative in his politics.

But...the Church, we all thought would never dare actually ellect someone with less then 12 months experience as a Bishop. They wouldnt want to let someone who was fully trained and had extensive knowledge of the secular working world into such a position.

Then last night the good old Daily Mail revealed that it believed that Justin was the name the Comission had decided on. Then the Telegraph said that it heard that Justin had been told and accepted. The British Broadcasting Company Has said that it too believes that Justin has been selected, and the Radio has begun to talk about it.

But the Archbishop of Canterburys homepage says nothing. Justin when asked by reporters said he could not comment...and the Government said that the name has been chosen, forwarded to the Crown and it will be verified by the Queen first thing on Friday Morning...until then, They could not say whose name it was.

But its almost certainly Him...I am SO pleased...if anyone can turn this Spiritual Desert back into an oasis...I believe, from what ive heard, that he is the best hope....Certainly, better then Norwich who everyone thought they would choose...or any of the stoic hardliners who would rip the communion to shreds
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