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Old 11-08-2012, 04:44 PM
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Default Message for female fighters from Invicta founder/president

Last night, Barack Obama’s presidential reelection assured women that they have at least four more years to decide what’s best for their own bodies. It also insures that when a couple of Mitt Romney’s granddaughters come out of the closet, they’ll be legally afforded the opportunity to marry anyone they want to. It’s amazing that in 2012, there are actually people in the world who actively try to suppress women’s progress as equals, even when it comes to MMA. We like women’s MMA, and so does Shannon Knapp. It’s why she started InvictaFC. Lately there have been rumors of women being bullied by fight managers; specifically regarding contract exclusivity, and today, those rumors will come to an end courtesy of InvictaFC’s rawesome President via Facebook:
*** Attention Female Athletes ***
It has come to my attention AGAIN that there are still issues with Fight Managers out there that are saying that the only way female athletes will fight for Invicta FC is if the athlete signs with them and that these Fight Managers have the “in with Invicta FC” or they can have an athlete blackballed from our promotion. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND…THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE!!! Please note…just because a Fight Manager has a lot of female athletes signed with Invicta FC doesn’t make them the “it guy” or the best Fight Manager, or the only Manager we prefer to deal with. I will REPEAT this LOUDLY and CLEARLY so hopefully all female athletes, pro, and especially amateur female athletes, understand Invicta FC plays NO favorites to any Managers or Management Company and we NEVER will! Female athletes are signed on their ability alone! If you want a contract with Invicta FC keep winning, fighting hard and you will get that contract! The Manager works for you! It is your talent and ability alone that will get you a contract with Invicta FC. If you feel that you are being bullied or a Manager is making any of these claims in trying to sign you to their Management Company contracts please notify me personally. I WILL NOT TOLERATE FEMALE ATHLES BEING BULLIED, OR MANAGERS MISREPRESENTING THEMSELVES, OR THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH INVICTA FC TO SIGN FEMALE ATHLETES TO THEIR MANAGEMENT CONTRACTS. Please help to pass this information along so hopefully it will reach all the female athletes. sknapp@invictafc.com
And just like that, MMA management will have to find new ways to pimp female talent, because it’s not happening in Invicta. A better way to operate would be to not pimp women at all, but rather help them find fights and promote their abilities without creating illusions of monopolistic contracts. Women are awesome, and most of these women could kick their managers’ asses. However, we’d like to think that these ass-kickings can still occur while cameras roll so that they can be featured in one of our Street MMA features (just a suggestion).
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Old 11-09-2012, 12:31 AM
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wow, that was passionate, and a great stand for women! Definitely impressed.
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