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Old 10-26-2012, 05:53 PM
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Default DREAM 18 to take place on New Year's Eve

I’ve never eaten a McRib sandwich from McDonalds, but I never cease to know when it’s back on the menu. That’s outstanding marketing right there. Kudos to McDonalds for disguising a flour-bleaching agent used to make the soles of shoes and foamed plastics like yoga mats as a fast-food sandwich and getting people excited about its return. McDonalds actually calls those chemicals “original seasoning” and swears they’re delicious. More Kudos to McDonalds for their ability to talk their way out of using real meat in their food(s). They’re racking up the Kudos today.

Much like the McRib is back, according to MMA Junkie, DREAM is back in the MMA scene, yes!

Now led by GLORY kickboxing, DREAM will host their first event under 'new management' on December 31st 2012 at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The official card will be called DREAM: Special NYE 2012. Thus far, Takaya, Kawajiri, and Satoru Kitaoka have been confirmed for the event. From going to bankrupt to suddenly being reanimiated. If I was well read in anything, I would make an eloquent reference to a phoenix rising from the ashes. Hey, not everyone can be Ben Fowlkes.
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