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Originally Posted by TheConcretekid View Post
thats really insulting...Amy told me there were free hospitals or clinics around or something...and she said that they wouldnt turn away someone who was actually dying...I find this incredibly...distasteful...even if you were a supporter of some kinda NHS for the U.S. that poster...there is something really wrong with that.

ohh...and good point about the NHS vs population numbers. The only way they could effectively do an NHS would be on a state by state level I reckon
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Originally Posted by NateR View Post

Yes, lack of access, because not everyone can afford it, but forcing everyone to buy insurance policies with high co-pays would make access to healthcare even worse. Suddenly the money that people might have been able to save up for themselves, goes into an insurance company who requires even more money if the policy holder actually gets sick. Or the insurance company could just come up with any reason whatsoever to drop coverage on the person.

For instance, if I can only afford a cheap health insurance plan and I need to go in for heart surgery (I have a history of heart disease on both sides of my family, so this is more than a hypothetical here), the insurance company will still require me to pay $2500 or more for the co-pay before they do ANYTHING. So, now I've been spending $100 a month for an insurance policy that is completely useless to me when I need it.
I think that the high deductible plans can be a good choice in many situations. For example, if you have to go in for a CABG and don't have insurance, the bill is going to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. If you have a complication, such as a surgical site infection, the cost of the hospitalization will easily top one hundred thousand dollars. If you have a nightmare complication, like a post-op stroke, the bill could approach one million dollars. Paying a $2,500 deductible is painful, but for almost everybody, it could be a manageable expense (you may have to work out a payment plan with the hospital). However, most people couldn't pay a $100,000 or $1,000,000 medical bill, even if they have a healthy "rainy day" fund. High-deductible insurance helps prevent a catastrophic expense that would bankrupt most people.
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