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Originally Posted by surveyorshawn View Post
Oh yeah, I forgot that when I was about 6 or 7 we had a calf named Red, because, well, she was red, lol. She wore a John Deere cap a lot. I used to have pics of her with it on, but don't know what happened to them. We had a ferret for a while too.
My ex wife and I kept up her dad's farm for him while we were going to junior college. He mostly had limousin cattle, but he had one old jersey cow. One year she had a bull calf that was born blind in one eye, and my ex kind of adopted him as a pet. He always walked in a circle in one direction because he was blind in the one eye, lol. One morning we were moving them from one field, across the driveway, through the holding pen, and into another field before going to her grandparents for a nice lunch, so we were in our nice clothes, as we thought it was going to be a simple task. Usually, though the jersey bull would only walk in circles, he would eventually find his way because his mother would keep bellowing at him until he finally made it through the gate to wherever she was. The problem that day was that there was a small pond in the holding pen. He made it across the driveway, through one field, and into the holding pen, but wound up in the pond and kept swimming in circles. He was in there for what seemed like 30 minutes swimming round and round, getting lower and lower in the water. My wife was about to have a fit, as was the old jersey cow, and I was kicking off my shoes and unbuttoning my shirt when he finally hit a shallow spot and made it out, lol. Needless to say we were a little late for lunch!
Great story.
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