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Default Bjj conditioning

I've been doing BJJ for about 3 weeks at 1x a week,but they only teaching it 2x a week...
I've done Kickboxing for about a year,and found out the hard way that BJJ conditioning is a different kindof animal. Ive found myself tapping due to complete exhaustion(gasping for air,and my chest just feels soo heavy/tired).
Is there any excercises to help speed up the conditioning and strength,especially my chest...I've been doing pushups more than usual and some other odds/in chest movements to break up the normal stuff I do(machine bench,etc.).
Some of it will get better I'm sure the more I do it,and stop panicing at times,plus I have a bad habit of holding the breath( I do have some heart palputations,but don't think thats the reasoning for my crappy cardio).
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Breathing has a huge impact on your grappling. I do yoga so I employed the breathing techniques I learned there in my JJ. You have to control that urge to panic and aboslutely cannot hold your breath. When I first started I held my breath but my grappling partners always reminded me to breath during our rolling sessions when they felt what I was doing.

It takes practice to learn the breathing and have it become normal for you. Remember to slow down while rolling and breath calmly.

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