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Originally Posted by Rev View Post
Back then EVERYONE knew the Psalms, when he began to quote quote them they all knew what he was saying. If you pay attention to the rest of the
22nd Psalm, it finishes in victory and triumph. Jesus was bringing their minds to the fact that that Psalm began with strife and agony and ended in victory. Kind of his way of saying, "hey yall, watch this". (JK)
Here is a little known fact. In Saint Paul's Cathedral Quire are around fifty Stalls dedicated to the position of "Prebendary Canons" each one is Named after a piece of land the Church once owned and the Stalls were to allow the landowners a place to sit. Now the church doesnt own the land, and the owners are dead, so the stalls are given to the ministers of churches who have done something to honour the cathedral. They may keep the stall to retirement I believe, or until they wish to relinquish it, or move away from the diocise, in which case they can still keep the Title until they die. Anyway, each of the stalls also has a number of latin inscriptions under the name, these are the opening lines of the Pslams which are supposed to be prayed daily by the minister at the daily offices...thats a beautiful touch isnt it? I think lots of Cathedrals do something like that.

on a side note about Prebendaries...

Do any of you remember a guy called Chad Varah? He was one of the Prebendaries of Saint Paul's who still had life tenure over his seat as a Prebendary. He was the Founder of The Samaritans...basically its a phone-in organisation that helps people who are contemplating suicide...or are in danger, or simply need someone to talk to....He's native, like me, to Lincolnshire

I was the person who found him sitting in his stall after the Morning Eucharist, where he stayed, sat, from opening at around 7am, til close at around 6pm, at aged 92 on the day he retired and relinquished his seat.

He has since of course died
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