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Default The Top 20 National Slogans

Argentina -- Where everyone has a chance to be president...literally.

Australia -- 9 out of 10 of the most venomous snakes in the world can't be wrong.
Belgium -- At least we're not as bad as France.

Bosnia -- The official entrance to hell since 1991.

Canada -- We needed a slogan, eh. So Joe thought this one up. Canada, it's not just moose and bad beer, eh... we've got trees.

China -- Communism is the best! Don't believe us?! We'll run you over with tanks!!

Cuba -- Not all of us have defected...yet.

Colombia -- And you think coffee is our biggest export to the USA?

France -- No really, we surrender. Yes, take our women. Jews? Sure, we've got plenty of those. Grab a baguette, just don't hurt us.

Iceland -- Oh don't mind us, we do nothing at all.

Mexico -- Reclaiming the South-Western United States one border jumper at a time.

North Korea -- We're one big (un)happy family.

Philippines -- Come for the scenery, stay till your ransom is paid.

Saudi Arabia -- Religious fanatics, terrorism, and fat tyrants in bathrobes who run the country. What's not to love?

Serbia -- We like diversity. It provides training for our soldiers.

South Korea -- The first one who says something about us eating dogs gets a punch in the nose.

Syria - We see a friend, you see a terrorist.

Switzerland -- So neutral it hurts...or it doesn't...we don't care.

Zaire -- 25 revolutions in 10 years and we're still going strong!
I love that one.
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