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Old 12-10-2009, 04:56 PM
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i'm looking forward to these fights.hope to see frank mir beat kongo and work his way back to title contention.also will be rooting for diego but i honestly think penn will him....
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Old 12-10-2009, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Maldonado136 View Post
lmao at the yes cartwheel
yeah that was hilarious. I rewatched that part 4 or 5 times and couldn't stop laughing.
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
-Mark Twain

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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
I hear....

"I have lost to Champions... I have lost to Matt Hughs (granted I did beat him once.. but he made eat his fists the second time).... I have lost 2 times to GSP.. I have lost to Machida... (and that's when I was wearing big boy pants)....I can win 4 in a row .. Diego can only win 6 in a row.."

BJ will probably win this one.. but I am rooting for Deigo... But you do know that Deigo wears slick hair care sometimes....

Eh, he is 1 - 1 with Hughes, in title fights, thats impressive.
He is also a Natural LW, and drug GSP to decision once, and out to 20 minutes another time.
...and there is no way you think another LW could take Machida to decision?

I think regardless of the outcomes the point was BJ has been there mentally,
and he has had the talent to be given multiple WW title shots, how many LW's can say that?
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