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Old 01-23-2009, 04:54 AM
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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
I really don't think it is a bad idea .. what is there about 5-600 prisoners? are keeping them in gitmo really going to make a difference? send them to switzerland and get it over with .. use the resources for something better ... most of these guys will probably never go back as soldiers and the ones that are stupid enough to will either be killed in battle and probably won't have any impact on strikes against the west ... but you may be right ... imagine the fall out that would happen if another attack on US soil occurs and it turns out that the mastermind was a released gitmo prisoner ... i don't think it would happen, but you never know ... i just think the US should not bother with these pawns and worry about the masterminds ..
I heard on the radio tonight that 61% of released terrorists prisoners have been proven to go back into terrorism. Now add how many we can't prove but suspect. Now add how many that we haven't located or have no clue what they are doing now or where they are.

I could not bring myself to believe that someone who has sacrificed their lives for 'their cause' would not get out and go straight back into it. If they did then wouldn't it have all been in vain?

I think this is a terrible idea. You can't try these people in American/public courts. Think of the secret intelligence that would possibly have to be revealed. Not to mention that these aren't your ordinary crimes where you have evidence that would fall into our guidelines of your straightforward criminal cases. It would be a fiasco/diasaster. By the time you got all the kinks worked out they would all be free on technicalities.
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