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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
The owner of the promotion is a woman, Tara Galvin. She does have a partner though and I think he trains at Fight Firm. The fights Friday night were pretty good. A lot of stand up battles in the amateurs. I usually see more ground fighters because of how the rules favor jiu jitsu so much.

Where do you train? What weight class?
I was in the newspaper (abington journal)!!

MMA stars of tomorrow head to battle this weekend
James Simrell will send three of his top fighters to compete at “Inkosi…It’s Time,” MMA event this weekend.
By Don McGlynn dmcglynn@theabingtonjournal.com

BUSHKILL - Fernwood Hotel and Resort is the place to be this Saturday, July 11, for action and excitement of live Mixed Martial Arts.

click image to enlargeAbove, Joe Martin, left, works out in the ring with Rich Patishnock at James Simrell MMA gym in Scranton.

Abington Journal Photo/ Don McGlynn

click image to enlargeAbove, from left, Joe Martin, Roy Gonzalez and Octavio Moreno will compete this Saturday, July 11 in the MMA event “Inkosi…It’s Time!” at Fernwood Hotel and Resort in Bushkill.

Abington Journal Photo/ Don McGlynn

Select images available for purchase in the
Times Leader Photo StoreThe resort’s event center, located in Bushkill, will host Inkosi Promotions’ Mixed Martial Arts event “Inkosi…. It’s Time,” featuring some of the best professional and amateur fighters in the sport.

“It should be a night of really nice, action packed fights. There’s a lot of talented guys fighting,” said James Simrell of James Simrell Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Scranton.

Simrell will be sending three of his fighters -Roy Gonzalez, Octavio Moreno and Joe Martin, to represent the gym this Saturday and compete in the amateur matches.

Part of the excitement of amateur matches is they not only gives the audience a chance to watch the sports stars of tomorrow on the rise, they also gives fans a chance to discover new talent, and in the case of this Saturday’s event, some of the talent will be brand new.

Martin and Gonzalez will be making their amateur debuts this weekend, after beginning to train at Simrell’s gym less than a year ago. And, although both fighters are relatively new to the sport, Simrell is confident they’re going to turn some heads this Saturday.

“Joe (Martin) has been training with me for nine months. He’s a kid that really catches on to techniques quick and he has great training ethics. He trains hard, he’s a team leader, always pushing the guys…his skill level is just going right through the ceiling, he’s really just a talented fighter,” said Simrell.

“Roy (Gonzalez) had some background in kickboxing when he joined here. And use to wrestle for West Scranton (High School)… his striking and kicks are really nice.”

“I’ve been training (hard) since I started and I told him (Simrell) as soon as he thought I was ready to do it up, and he thought I was ready,” said Gonzalez.

Both fighters said they are excited to be in their first match so soon, and while Simrell chalks up getting to this point so quickly to natural talent and hard work, Martin is quick to point out it has a lot to do with their coach.

“Coach Simrell is one of the best in the area. He fights for me, he pushes me and he has faith,” said Martin.

Joining Martin and Gonzalez will be Moreno, a fighter with a few years under his belt. Moreno fought in Mexico for two years, before finding his way to Scranton. Once here, he quickly started working out with Simrell.

“I’ve known (Moreno) for a long time, we did Judo together. He came here and he worked with me, he’ll be ready to fight,” said Simrell

“Hopefully it’s going to be good fight and a good show,” added Moreno.

“Inkosi…It’s Time!” will take place Saturday, July 11, at the Fernwood Hotel and Resort, in Bushkill. Show starts at 7 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m. Tickets range from $25 to $50, and can be purchased at James Simrell MMA Gym, 311 Penn Ave., Scranton, by calling 484.765.8116 or e-mailing INKOSI.LLC@hotmail.com. For more information, visit http://www.inkosipromotions.com/.

Jojo thread:

I think there still may be a link to his fight in there.

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County Mike
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Thanks. Maybe we'll see JoJo at the next one in March.
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