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Old 02-10-2009, 07:04 PM
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Default Calling any computer expert

my patience is begining to run thin.

I have a new digital camcorder, it takes SD cards. it also takes videos.

When I shoot a video it lets me play the video back. The video looks spiffing. I hook it up to the computer. I set it to display what is on the card. it shows the file.

First question is an MPG-4 the same as an MP4 or not?

The first thing I notice about the icon is it has the stylized icon which says MPG-4 on it, and not a still from the film I've just recorded. So I select the "move file" function to get it onto the computer. This happens and the item appears on the hard-drive...but the Item does not dissapear from the card.

I go to then delete the original on the card and it bloody tells me the card is write protected...infact all THREE cards are. One which is brand new. I check to make sure the lock is off on the side. No effect. I try sticking the bar in place in case its loose or the card reader slot is slightly tight. No Effect. I have taken the lock of the Camara aswell. No Effect.

This wouldnt usually matter because I could just press the format button on the Camara and that will wipe the disk. BUT I have encountered a second problem, and I think that might be because ive tried to copy and/or move write protected stuff.

When I have the icon on the hard drive its set to run with two programmes. Quick time, and total media extreme. Both of which came on the CD of hardware to upload. I uploaded everything. When you try and play, the audio is patchy and jumpy and there is a square of blocked fuzzy colour. I thought perhaps it was just quicktime, sooo I tried it with total media extreme, exactly the same problem. So then I got a file converter to convert the file to MP3...and it let me do two mins for free, I played the result on Windows Media player. Might this be caused because of the write protection on the original. I tried to play from the card display on the computer, before the download and that also shows the block of colour and yet playback on the camara both before and after is perfect.

I am well pissed off about this. I've emailed the website, but they havent responded to me, tommorow lunch I will phone their hotline...if that doesnt work I'm taking it back...except I'm not convinced the problem lies with the camara...I still think it could be a setting on the computer?? or could it be this wretched write protection which I never put on but cant take off.

if anyone knows or has suggestions PLEASE actually respond to this
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