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Default Cain's thoughts on upcoming fight(s)


Tuesday, October 27 1:42 pm PT: Youíre Cain Velasquez and youíve just made Ben Rothwellís mother exit the arena in a hurry, likely earning yourself a title shot. You probably want to sleep. Too bad the media has other plans.

Velasquez and trainer Javier Mendez spoke to Sherdog.comís Greg Savage to evaluate the issues involved in facing either Brock Lesnar or Shane Carwin, who fight one another Nov. 21. And unlike some camps that promote the idea their athletes could hang with mace and small-caliber weapons, Mendez was practical.

ď[Lesnar] is an extremely hard fight for us,Ē Mendez said. ďWeíre going to definitely have to win the standup game and the kicking game. And then the wrestling, the size of Brock could potentially neutralize us, but Cainís cardio is going to neutralize him, so itís going to be a really, really interesting fight.Ē

Iím not sure thereís anything to neutralize in Lesnarís cardio conditioning: he had no problem staying in Heath Herringís face in a 15-minute fight, which is downright demoralizing considering his near 280-pound frame. Big men are supposed to wear out easy. Thatís how life stays fair. Lesnar doesnít.

And on Carwin: ďShould Carwin get past Lesnar, itís going to be a little different fight. We canít attack the same as against Lesnar because Carwin is to be respected because of his incredible power, and his wrestling is top notch also. We will have to take a different path because he is a different fighter with different strengths.Ē

More ambiguous: Carwin is more or less Lesnarís mirror. But if anyoneís cardio should be open to debate, itís Carwinís, who hasnít seen a second round anywhere but in a gym.
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