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Originally Posted by NateR
Baseball has been looking more and more disgraceful over the years and I come from a family whose lives practically revolved around the St. Louis Cardinals and the World Series. But it's just become so hard to follow the sport now without getting frustrated with the blatant corruption.

I don't think the sport needs to die, maybe it just needs a reboot. All-new management, all-new players. Just let it disappear for a couple of years and then rebuild it again from scratch.
I agree with Nate on this. Although I must admit my life used to revolve around another team which hasn't been to a World Series in a long time.

I think that baseball has other issues which are at least as serious as steroids.

The two superstations of the early years of cable (WTBS and WGN) used to carry most of the home games of the teams in their respective cities. This built up a huge fan base for both the Braves and the Cubs. WTBS does not carry Braves games anymore, and WGN doesn't have nearly as much baseball as it used to. These are just two examples of what I think is a more disturbing trend, baseball moving to sports networks that are available only as part of extra cost cable or satellite packages.

Of course this trend is explained by the money issue. But that's the problem for many people now, money.

I had to make a choice. Either I could continue to subscribe to the baseball package through Direct TV or I could spend the same amount monthly on an MMA PPV. So I gave up the baseball package.

I will still be able to watch some baseball, just not as much. Maybe I'll enjoy it more.

So what will happen to the fan base of baseball? I think it will start to erode. That's an even bigger problem for the future of baseball.
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