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Old 02-09-2009, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Blmfighter
I hope you can keep your finger! j/k I hope it doesn't keep bleeding. What is a Busbi?
March last year my parents bought me a Busbi, they cost about 30 ($60) and they are basically a hand held webcam. The quality is only good in brightlight or outside. You record videos that you can download as videos and upload to youtube after modification with windows movie maker. They have no zoom, and litterally are on/off.

I wanted something simple, and cheap so that you guys could see me and hear me. My first Busbi lasted me about 8 months. The problem was it had no lens cap and was badly made, the lens got blurry and there was no way to fix it. I tried to fix it and broke it alltogether.

So I bought my second one. This one was shoddy again and much of the issue with this was corrupting of files during the download process. Today if broke when I came to plug in the download cable and the slot fell into the machine itself. upon trying to dismantle the machine I cut myself.

So my parents have bought me the next upgrade. its 50 ($100) and it has zoom, is capable of functioning in different light levels and can take still pictures aswell as videos.

The next version about that is around 80...but by then your getting to high tech to be able to simply download and then upload quickly...if that makes sense.
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