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Old 02-07-2009, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN
Oh, but we are measuring the age of the earth when someone claims a snake lived 60 million years ago here on earth. I don't understand your point.
No...we are not. We are infact saying that these creatures lived BEFORE the creative event. Therefore they existed ONLY in backdated time.

Let me explain, pretend you are writing a story, choose a character. picture the character in your mind. That is the moment of Creation...NOW what is his past? you instantly start to construct a past that happened AFTER you created him. ALL Characters have retrospective pasts in cinema and writing...noone thinks of a Character being born and living first...by the time they think that they already knows what he looks like at the age they want to start writing about him.

There are two possibilities when applying this to creation 1) all backdated History never actually physically happened, but things like fossils were created at the moment of the Creational Event and endowed with all the properties of something older. 2) Its actually happened, infact its happening now. Time is moving in both directions, forwards into the future AND backwards into the past FROM a chronological event.

Do you understand what I am saying? This is Degree level Philosophy of time (to do with time moving forwards and backwards, and infact two times moving forwards and backwards at the same time that of the physical realm, and the spiritual realm) and degree level Philosophy of Religion (Important Chronological events whose properties transcend time and therefore are not limited to only the chronological future following the event, but ALSO the past IN chronology BEFORE the chronological event because of its spiritual nature.) The SAME principle applies to HOW GOD can credit people with righteousness before the death of Christ. The Spiritual ramifications of His death TRANSCEND time, therefore are applicable throughout the ENTIRE Chronology, regardless of the events chronological position. I floored both Christian Creationalists AND Scientific Athiests in the room when we had this discussion...its what made my friendship with Herr Friedel Weinert, the Tutor who was extremely impressed by the theorum, he was just mortified when I couldnt come up with anything on the level of Philosophy of Science...because that was before I discovered the idea of GOD speaking things into existance with the idea that particals vibrate and everything gives of waves electromagnetic, radiation, whatever that can be converted into an audible noise...wish I'd know THAT seven years ago LOL

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